Owner: City of Indianapolis/United Water

Scope: Electrical

Completion: 2009


The electrical upgrade at the Belmont and Southport Advanced Wastewater Treatment plant required replacement of multiple components.


ERMCO’s work on the project included the replacement of the existing 5 feeder bus duct runs with a conduit and cable installation at the Belmont Headworks building. All new construction was stainless steel and aluminum to resist the hydrogen sulfide in the air given off by the processing of the waste water. The existing 8 feeder bus duct runs at the Belmont and Southport Oxygen Nitrification System Buildings with new aluminum bus duct were also replaced as were all 12 motor control centers at the Belmont and Southport Oxygen Nitrification System Head House buildings with new motor control centers. Another replacement was the Gravity Belt Thickener Building 480 volt switchgear with a new double ended feed, closed transition switch over, switchgear.