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ERMCO’s Integrated Services provides support for the design, selection, programming, installation, maintenance, and operation of technology systems such as A/V, access control, and lighting controls, as well as building systems controls and automation. We have the ability to partner, from concept through operations, with a higher level of integration. Our clients get improved efficiencies, enhanced results, and one integrated experience.

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No matter what part of the project we're working on, we approach it from an integrated standpoint. The team evaluates constructability, cost, and schedule across every part of the project. Our clients get improved efficiencies, lower costs, and one fluid experience. 


We make it easy for the client. We are able to lead the design, provide the equipment and components, and self-perform the installation as well as the follow-up service and technical support. Our engineers are experienced with the “parts and smarts” – the programming and commissioning of devices while our certified technicians are experienced with installation and startup. Other companies provide the parts and smarts but have to contract others for the labor. ERMCO provides one champion with a turnkey solution from design through operation.


Our goal is to identify cost savings and project efficiencies in several key ways through:


  • Early engagement that incorporates our construction experience into design decisions, positively impacting constructability and reducing change orders during construction.

  • Installation and cost efficiencies with the integration of services, that are typically provided by separate contractors, under the ERMCO umbrella.

  • Energy and building management solutions that provide ongoing operational savings. 

  • An integrated, consistent experience with the same team members involved throughout a project, and even beyond with ongoing maintenance services and technical support services.

Learn more about ERMCO’s Integrated Services  

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