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ERMCO 50 Years Logo

Darrell Gossett  47 Years of Service

Jim Bewsey 26 Years of Service

Gary Dial 25 Years of Service

Scott Donovan 34Years of Service

Mike Farley 30 Years of Service

Greg Hoffman  25 Years of Service 

Jim Tsareff 41 Years of Service

Established in 2012 as a part of our 50-Year Celebration, the ERMCO Hall of Fame recognizes company founders and those following them who have continued to build and nurture the culture that sets us apart. Every five years, as the company celebrates its milestone anniversaries, a new class will be elected to the ERMCO Hall of Fame.


All Hall of Fame members were ERMCO employees for 20 years or more and left the company in good standing. Honorees are chosen by a peer group of current employees, each with a minimum of 20 years of service. The qualities sought in Hall of Fame members include:


  • Respect for and from fellow employees

  • Loyalty to the company and management team

  • Ongoing personal and company improvement

  • Support of ERMCO’s community spirit

  • Display high regard for ERMCO externally and internally

  • Nurture long-term customer relationships

  • Strive for company profitability

  • Protect the company’s reputation

  • Mentor fellow employees

  • Share ERMCO’s passion for ethics and integrity

  • Embody ERMCO’s mission, vision and values

Ed Gossett 34 Years of Service

Donna Cale 41 Years of Service

Ed Goad 20 Years of Service

Ed Naue 20 Years of Service

Walter Woods 35 Years of Service

Blackie Jackson  20 Years of Service 

Charlie Rosebrock 40 Years of Service

George Jones 30 Years of Service

Tom Alexander 29 Years of Service

Jim Maddox 28 Years of Service