Owner: Indianapolis Zoological Society

Scope: Electrical & Systems

Completion: 2013

ERMCO, Inc. provided the electrical & systems installation for the new International Orangutan Center at the Indianapolis Zoo. The center will have holding areas and play areas for the orangutans.  There is also a series of towers and ropes for the orangutans to move around on.  They can move from inside to outside and be observed by the public. Inside there are viewing areas and exhibit areas for the public along with a small theater.


The interior public areas have state of the art LED lighting and track lighting for exhibits. Orangutan areas will have vandal resistant lights for extra physical protection.  There is also LED lighting on the exterior spire which goes 150’ in the air and can be seen against the Indianapolis skyline. On top of the spire is a lightning protection dome, to provide maximum protection against lightning strikes.


Along with the surveillance cameras, to keep an eye on the Orangutans, there is an extensive electrical fence system on all the towers and outdoor rooms to keep the orangutans contained, but not harmful to them.  The electrical system is backed up by a large diesel generator.