Owner: Indiana University School of Medicine

Scope: Electrical & Systems

Completion: 2014

ERMCO, Inc. is provided the electrical system and data cabling for this new 140,000 square foot research building.  The basement contains the electrical heart beat of the building, including a double ended substation fed from separate Indianapolis Power and Light sources, with a backup 1000KW generator.  The first floor contains administration areas and a seminar room.  Floors 2-5 are research labs, with animal housing and a conference room on each floor and the penthouse is where most of the HVAC equipment is housed.


The new facility has several lighting control systems to control lab lighting and research room lighting. The main stairway has floor to ceiling LED lighting on each floor. The building also has wireless access points, fire alarm system, extensive security and access control system. The site is lit up by LED lights on decorative poles to match the surrounding buildings.