Our 24 hour, 7 days a week service department can provide high voltage service and testing support  Our techs are experienced and trained in all of the various safety, power testing and installation procedures.

We perform all of our testing according to the International Electrical Testing Association (NETA) Acceptance and Maintenance Testing Specifications and to the appropriate ANSI and IEEE testing standards.

Some of the Maintenance and testing services we provide but not limited to:

        •    Acceptance Testing
        •    Maintenance Testing
        •    All voltage classes – High, Medium and Low


Medium Voltage Testing


  • Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis

  • Assist with Employee Safety Training

  • Cable Installation

  • Cable Splicing and Terminating

  • Cable Testing

  • Circuit Breaker Testing, Rebuild and Repair

  • Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

  • Doble Power Factor Test Sets

  • FLIR Infrared Cameras 

  • Fluke 1750 Three-Phase Power Recorder

  • Ground Test Equipment

  • High Current Test Sets

  • High Voltage Volt Tester

  • Infrared Scanning

  • Insulation Resistance Test Sets

  • Maintenance Programs

  • Portable AC Hipot

  • Portable DC Hipot

  • Relay Test Sets

  • Secondary Injection Test Sets

  • Short Circuit and Coordination Studies

  • Substation installation and Repair

  • Switchgear and Switchboard Assemblies

  • Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

  • Transformer Winding Resistance

  • Transformers – Dry and Liquid Filled

  • VLF Tan Delta Cable Diagnostic Test Set