Education is key to the success of the construction industry – for current staff and future generations.


ERMCO hires several college students each year through our Internship Program. This program provides real-world experience and mentorship to aspiring young professionals, helping them grow personally and professionally. 

Joseph Battles, Field Intern
Kayla Carnahan, Estimating
Youssef Mahfouz Field Engineering
Grant Utley VDC/BIM

Support for A/E/C Student Programs

ERMCO supports several organizations that educate about and engage students in the A/E/C industry, including the ACE Mentor Program, NECA Student Chapters, The Indiana Plan, and the Indiana Careers in Construction Association. We’re always excited when we get the chance to interact with the students and share the benefits of a career in the trades.

The ERMCO Institute provides training and education for all employees, from the trainee to the CEO. 

In-house experts as well as industry speakers lead both general education classes and specialized training programs including our Field Leadership Awareness Training (FLAT). This program provides future field leaders with the tools and training required to advance in their careers with ERMCO. 

ERMCO Institute


FLAT 1 Class of 2021:

Ben Bell
Hunter First
Dustin Foster
Andrew Hanson
Kevin Kidwell
Andrew Lawrence
Tyler Miller
Jes Simpson
Mike Speziale
Stephen Strattman
Mike Swinford
Matt Vaughn
Mark Emerson


Additional Training Series:

Account Management
Training Series


A/V Technology Training Series

Mentorship Program