Whether it is their dedication to getting the job done right and done safely, their donation of time and resources to charitable organizations, or their leadership within the company and in industry associations, ERMCO employees are helping improve our company, our industry, and our communities. 


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Congratulations to our fellow employee-owners who became 100% vested in 2021!

Russ George, Mike Hoover, Mike McKee and Robert Gronde

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New Employees & New Roles

New employees:
Eric Edwards, Warehouseman
Jeff Russell, Account Manager
Russ George, Service Engineer
Mike Hoover, Labor Manager
James Wilson, Warehouseman
Donte Sims, Project Engineer
Cassie Neely, Service Dispatcher
Evan Weyer, VDC Engineer
Mike McKee, Assistant Account Manager
Leah Hodson, Preconstruction Administrator for Estimating
Kyle McWilliams, IT Help Desk Associate
Drew Austin, VDC Engineer
Greg Cullison, Fabrication Manager
Chloe Ehle, Warehouseman
Robert Gronde, Assistant Account Manager
Chris Keely, Service Account Manager
Derrick Hall, Systems Engineer
Bradd Stoops, Account Manager


New roles: 
Adam Rude, VP of Construction Support Operations
Sara Sellers, Account Manager
Jeff Russell, Service Operations Manager
James Wilson, Shipping & Receiving Manager
Greg Cullison, Fabrication Group Manager
James Wilson, Shipping & Receiving Manager
Eric Edwards, AP Clerk 
Kris Ashcraft, Senior Operations Team Leader
Mike Summers, Senior Operations Team Leader
Joe Seacat, Project Engineer
Wesley Gunning, Account Manager

David Werking, Director of Business Development & Marketing

Employee Recognition Awards

Each year, ERMCO employees are recognized for their leadership efforts in safety, efficiency and quality.

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