ERMCO continually challenges ourselves to maximize pre-fabrication value for the owner.  This service supports the construction phase and enhances their ability to successfully deliver the project.   


Our pre-fabrication group is staffed with experienced Journeyman/ Wireman Electricians seasoned with field expertise providing the foresight to deliver products in the best fashion to benefit site activities.  They work with the apprentices, trainees and helpers and oversee all the work being completed.  Quality assurance is a priority through the pre-fabrication process and production is continuously monitored by all levels of project personnel.  Completed work on all electrical equipment such as transformers, panels, devices and lights are electrically energized by the JW Electricians to check for proper operation prior to delivery.


Our pre-fabrication group is also supplemented with panel fabrication services, core drilling services, general wood working and welding allowing for an efficient approach to meet the project needs.

Prefabrication Products