Owner: Union Hospital Health Group

Scope: Electrical

Completion: 2010


ERMCO, Inc. partnered with Sycamore Engineering, a local Terre Haute company, for the Union Hospital project in Terre Haute, IN. The Union Hospital project is a five-story, 500,000 square foot hospital expansion that connects with the original hospital. ERMCO and Sycamore completed the work for the electrical, fire alarm systems, and rough in for the voice and data and various other systems for the hospital.


This project is one of the first in Indiana to be completed using 3-D modeling technology. ERMCO’s construction services team worked to insert all the electrical installation components into the model provided by the general contractor. The number one advantage of this process is the way it increases field efficiency. An issue that could take days to fix when discovered during actual installation can be resolved in a matter of minutes when found with the 3-D model.