Owner: Indianapolis Indians

Completion: 2016


Victory Field, home of the Indianapolis Indians, is now 20 years old and while it is still revered as the Best Minor League Ball Park in America, some of the original systems installed two decades ago are beginning to be outdated.  Victory Field management decided it was time to replace the security system that was installed with the original construction. ERMCO was selected to provide a complete card access and security system upgrade to better serve Victory Field and all of its patrons.


ERMCO’s manufacturing partner, Gallagher, was selected as the solution’s partner for the new installation.  Because the new system was a retrofit, it needed to go live before the current system could be removed.  The ERMCO team worked with facility management to create a phased schedule, which not only allowed time for the customer to learn how system functioned, but also worked seamlessly around the Indian’s busy season.  All programming of the card access system was done after coordinating closely with management to understand their specific needs in regards to zones, access credentials, and access rights. 


This project at Victory Field was also made easier because of our familiarity with the facility.  ERMCO has been providing Victory Field with electrical and systems services since the ball park’s inception in 1996 - a partnership that has only continued to grow. This includes other recent projects such as an upgrade of the facility’s WIFI system to a premier high density WIFI Solution to better handle the increasing demand of the fans mobile devices and the future installation of upgrade video and audio systems.