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ERMCO is a full-service electrical design, build, and maintenance contractor. We plan, design, and install the cabling and components that make up your electrical infrastructure. ERMCO has had a role in exceptional projects across a range of industries nationwide.  You'll find us at corporate headquarters, at hyperscale data centers, on healthcare campuses, in schools, and in stadiums, arenas, and convention centers.

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We work with you to understand your electrical, technology systems, and building automation needs. Then we develop innovative solutions that make the design and construction process easier for our clients. They know we provide quality product and services with minimal changes and that we hit our timelines. 

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Using skilled union electricians and technicians, together with experienced project management staff, we consistently deliver high-quality construction projects across the nation for a variety of industries. ERMCO’s resources also include dedicated estimators, VDC engineers, purchasing and accounting administrators, as well as experts in technical systems, building controls, and master facility integration.

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ERMCO is involved from start to finish, providing conceptual estimates and simplifying complex designs into easy-to-follow installation instructions with point-to-point layouts. With our services, we essentially build a project twice; once in the virtual world, and a second time in the real world. We fabricate as much of the project as we can before transferring it to the job site. Involved in each step of the project, we make sure each element is delivered with the highest care and concern.

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Using a Lean Construction approach, ERMCO is focused on maximizing value and efficiency throughout the entire project, not just on bid day. Our goal is to front load as many decisions and activities as possible in order to improve safety, reduce on-site labor required, reduce job-site waste, reduce job-site storage requirements, deliver materials and equipment just-in-time, and streamline installation.

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The ERMCO team is experienced with a variety of design approaches and an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. We are able to develop accurate estimates, even early in the project. We use a combination of methods to maintain budget, including actual vendor pricing, quantity takeoffs, historical information, and recent pricing from similar projects.

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We have an experienced team of purchasing professionals who secure the best pricing and availability of equipment and supplies from reliable, diverse vendors and partners. We have developed strategic partnerships for supply chain management solutions that go beyond basic order and delivery. Our clients’ projects benefit with enhanced buying power and just-in-time deliveries.

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With years of experience fabricating components for construction projects, ERMCO’s process has evolved to provide manufacturing-level efficiencies. We have dedicated fabrication spaces, equipment, production technicians and VDC engineers. Our standard fabrication procedures are focused on safety, quality, and schedule management, resulting in reliable, consistent, high-quality product for clients.

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ERMCO’s skilled medium voltage technicians, certified through NICET, provide services including acceptance and maintenance testing for all voltage classes. This includes inspection and testing of medium voltage switches, transformers, and cables. All testing is performed according to the NETA (International Electrical Testing Association) Acceptance Testing and Maintenance Testing Specifications and to the appropriate ANSI and IEEE testing standards. 

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