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Inefficient operations waste energy and money. Improving efficiencies can create multi-year operational savings, a more comfortable workspace, and a cleaner environment. Our staff helps find ways clients can use energy more efficiently, from small changes such as switching to LED lighting to larger facility transformations.

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A reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy infrastructure is critical to the success of any organization. The convergence of energy and information systems is creating a new set of possibilities for the future. We are leveraging the increased connectedness to drive energy performance. Whether you are implementing an energy monitoring system, upgrading your lighting system to improve energy efficiency, or implementing a renewable energy solution, ERMCO can help. 

•    Lighting and lighting control solutions
•    Shade controls and daylight harvesting

•    Mechanical automation solutions
•    Solar and wind solutions
•    Energy metering and monitoring 

•    Energy audits
•    Energy storage solutions
•    E/V charging stations
•    LEED Certification assistance

Lighting Retrofit inside a warehouse
Electrical cabling running to solar panels
ERMCO Electrician performing an energy audit
Before and after of a lighting upgrade in a parking garage

LEARN MORE about about ERMCO’s energy solution capabilities.

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