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Our design-assist and design-build approach focuses on facilitating collaboration, encouraging innovation, and producing high-quality results, often in less time than traditional delivery methods. Early engagement allows us to bring our construction expertise to the design phase with an understanding of how design decisions impact construction.

Underground Conduit that was intricately modeled and installed on-site
Benefits of design build - Consitent team, committed budget earlier, faster delivery, improved constructability

As a design-build/design-assist partner, ERMCO brings:

  • Improved accountability with experienced design-build leadership and a consistent team from kick-off through close-out.

  • Firm budget earlier in the process than with traditional design-bid-build, based on reliable input from project management and estimating.

  • Expertise in all areas of electrical, systems, building controls, and automation.

  • Fabrication and construction services, including BIM/VDC/3D modeling.

  • In-house expertise including PE, LEED AP, RCDD, RPTM, and CTS certified systems technicians.

LEARN MORE about ERMCO’s design build and design assist and capabilities.

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