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Off-site but not out-of-mind: Supporting your organization’s technology systems

Hybrid workplaces. Working from home. Instant access to information. 24/7 operations.

These evolutions in how people work and live have a dramatic effect on how companies approach their technology infrastructure planning and maintenance needs. ERMCO’s focus on innovation and investment in tools and training have allowed us to help companies adapt to and prepare for the changes that impact their technology systems.

Supporting remote teams

Over the past few years, many companies have prioritized giving employees flexibility in where and how they work, resulting in less people in office buildings at any given time.

ERMCO Systems Technician Working on Cabling in IT Closet

“A big trend we're seeing with a lot of clients is there are less IT people on site,” says Scott Glauber, account manager at ERMCO. “It’s a similar situation with property managers. Rather than having one person dedicated to each property, we’re seeing one person handling five to 10 locations, so they can’t always get to where there’s an issue.”

The scale of ERMCO’s team of multimedia and technology systems technicians—and the availability of supplies and materials they use—provide responsiveness and efficiency for companies that either don’t have the in-house capacity or the ability to respond right away.

“ERMCO can get to the site quickly, assessing and fixing the issue at hand,” Scott says. “We have positive relationships with IT teams, and they know they can count on us to be a strong partner.”

Maintaining data access

Off-site Data Center

The rise of hybrid workplaces and advancements in technology have also increased the need for off-site data centers to store companies’ digital information. In addition to helping clients build, refresh, and reconfigure data centers, ERMCO can help with troubleshooting and preventative maintenance required for the complex, critical infrastructure.

“For data centers, being down isn’t an option,” Scott says. “We work with clients to obtain the necessary clearances that allow us to access their data centers, determine the root causes, and reconnect their teams as soon as possible.”

Learn more

For more information on how ERMCO can help with your building’s technology systems, contact:

SCOTT GLAUBER | 317.423.3792 |


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