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ERMCO recently moved into a new headquarters and service center facility in Greenwood, Ind. The new building and location give us room for continued growth.

According to CEO Greg Gossett, “the new headquarters demonstrates a commitment to our clients, to our employees, and to our company’s future. We will continue to innovate with new technology, services, and processes in order to improve the client experience. We are also committed to making ERMCO the best place to work and are excited to give our employees an inspiring workplace that feels like home.”

The new facility is a showplace demonstrating ERMCO’s capabilities. Clients and visitors will be able to experience the latest A/V, building management, and technology systems in a new demonstration space as well as throughout the building in conference rooms, gathering spaces, and dynamic displays.


The flexible spaces and technology throughout the building allow staff to get connected and get innovative. The 150+ offices means there is plenty of room to grow our team and services.

Capping off the new space is a 102,000-square-foot service center  that is triple the size of the former building's service center. It includes warehouse space, phenolic tag and painting stations as well as dedicated space for fabrication and modular construction.

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