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ERMCO has been an electrical contractor since 1962, known for quality service, well-trained electricians and reliable delivery. We’ve grown quite a bit and have evolved with a changing industry, changing technology and to better serve our clients’ needs. Over the years, we have expanded our services to include low voltage systems and technologies, temperature controls, building management solutions, ongoing and preventative maintenance services, energy solutions, prefabrication, and design-build services.

At the beginning of the year, we made a change in our organizational structure to move our systems, controls and automation services under one Integrated Services umbrella. This streamlines our structure and delivery and, in combination with our other services, provides a scalable solution with one champion for your projects – whether your projects include electrical, systems, controls, or a combination of any or all of our services. You get the relationships you know and the expertise you need.

“We strive to be innovative and ahead of the curve so your experiences with ERMCO are easier, safer and better. There are a lot of contractors out there that are sitting back on the sidelines. We’re not just stepping onto the field; we're leading the league.” Greg Gossett, ERMCO President and CEO.


ERMCO is a construction contractor that works in the systems and technologies world and a systems and technologies company that works in the construction world. This integrated experience means we make better decisions during design because we understand how it impacts construction and operations. And we make better decisions during construction and maintenance because we understand how and why it was designed.

We have the ability to partner, from concept through construction to daily operations and technical support, with a higher level of integration. No matter what part of the project we're working on, we approach it from an integrated standpoint. The team evaluates constructability, cost and schedule across every part of the project. Our clients get improved efficiencies, lower costs and one fluid experience.

“We want our clients to know that they can come to us for an integrated solution. Our teams have the ability to engineer, build, install and maintain technology and facility systems.” David Peterson, ERMCO Executive VP and COO.


With ERMCO’s Integrated Services, we make it easy for the client. We are able to do the design, provide the equipment and parts, and do the installation as well as the follow-up service and technical support. Our engineers are experienced with the “parts and smarts” – the programming and commissioning of devices while our certified technicians are experienced with installation and startup. Other companies provide the parts and smarts but have to contract out for the labor. ERMCO provides one champion with a turnkey solution from design through operation.

Tom Davis

“If you truly want a building that works for you - that's efficient and provides occupant comfort, security and wellbeing, then you need to look at all of your systems as one, instead of separate islands. And ERMCO is uniquely positioned to do that.” Tom Davis, ERMCO Director of Integrated Services.

ERMCO’s new Director of Integrated Services, Tom Davis, brings over 25 years of experience in the controls and automation industry. Before joining ERMCO in January 2018, Tom was the Founder and President of Davis Industries, Inc., an industry-leading building automation and integration company. His team includes systems and automation project engineers and technical support, experienced with a broad range of systems and manufacturers.


ERMCO is going to continue to grow and evolve. We are committed to continuous improvement with the intention of better meeting our clients’ needs.

Our goal is to identify cost savings and project efficiencies in several key ways through:

  • Early engagement that incorporates our construction experience into design decisions, positively impacting constructability and reducing change orders during construction.

  • Installation and general conditions efficiencies with the integration of services, that are typically provided by separate contractors, under the ERMCO umbrella.

  • Energy and building management solutions that provide ongoing operational savings.

  • An integrated, consistent experience with the same team members involved throughout a project, and even beyond with ongoing maintenance services and technical support services.

“We don’t provide cookie-cutter services. We customize our services to meet your needs. What you get from ERMCO is a partner, somebody that's going to work with you to make sure you achieve your goals.” Greg Gossett, ERMCO President and CEO.


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