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Living through a global pandemic has made us aware of how easily illnesses can spread. And it’s made us realize how many shared surfaces we touch throughout the day. Every surface we touch is a potential point for giving or receiving an illness. By shifting to be as touchless as possible, we are reducing shared contact points and thus reducing spread of illnesses.

At ERMCO, as an electrical, systems and automation specialty contractor, we work with clients daily to choose, install and maintain the right technology and solutions for their facilities. With that experience, we know technology is an important part of the solution to our current health-related challenges, helping promote a healthy workplace and prepare for the future.

We’d like to share some options that can help your offices and facilities shift to touchless and help promote healthy workplaces. The use of biometrics and mobile device tech offers touchless entry and exit options, thermal imaging and security systems offer touchless monitoring, and UV lighting and needlepoint ionizers offer touchless cleaning options.


The dreaded door handle, you can’t get in or out without touching it. There are access controls available that, when combined with automatic door openers, allow us to enter and exit buildings and spaces without touching a door handle. These options offer touchless scans that are quick and accurate and are able to manage high throughput:

  • Biometric hand scanners and facial recognition scanners

  • Mobile device technology

  • QR codes for visitor management


As social distancing requirements are eased, companies may choose to have employees continue to work remotely, return to the office or some combination of both – but in any situation, the use of collaboration technology is expected to continue at a much higher rate than before. The reinvention of meeting spaces that enable social distancing includes adding new or enhancing current conferencing technology. Here are a couple things that could help:

  • Video connectivity in conferencing rooms – enabling a small group to be in the room and connected to any size group via video.

  • Wireless sharing – allows all participants to connect and manage their part of the meeting from their own devices and eliminates sharing of the keyboard, mouse or other remote control.


Thermal imaging technology can help identify who might be ill and it can do so without contact. Thermal cameras, either hand held or as part of a system, offer fast screening without personal contact. They provide accurate temperature readings and many can be set up to alert if the temperature detected is over a certain point.


If someone who has been in a facility finds out later that they were sick at the time, security systems may be able to help determine where they were in the building. Access control points and video surveillance can provide analytics to help understand who may have been exposed. Using technology to automate part of the contact tracing process allows employers to quickly notify employees of possible exposure, helping slow down the transmission and safeguard staff.


UV lighting installed in HVAC systems can help prevent build-up of organic material on the system’s interior mechanics. It does so by reducing or eliminating pathogens and other microorganisms and reducing the circulation of airborne bacteria and viruses.


Needlepoint ionizers in HVAC systems help keep systems clean by reducing mold, bacteria and viruses. The ionizers help remove harmful small particles from the air by cleaning the surface and inside of equipment.

Low tech solutions, such as hand-washing stations, can also help promote a healthy workplace. Similar sanitation options can be fabricated for your site by ERMCO’s prefabrication department.


If you would like to discuss a shift to more touchless options, contact:

PJ DONOVAN KEITH SPENCE 317.538.5511 317.423.2394


Download our Shift to Touchless flyer here:

ERMCO_ Shift to Touchless for a Healthie
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