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ERMCO enhances automation team and services.

ERMCO is pleased to announce that as of January 1, 2018, the entire team from Davis Industries has joined forces with ERMCO, Inc.

Since 2001, Davis Industries, Inc. has specialized in the engineering, installation and commissioning of building automation systems. Davis is known for delivering systems that integrate environmental control, lighting control, security, access control and power monitoring. Davis has helped customers efficiently manage their facilities, develop and implement preventative maintenance programs, and replace and expand mechanical and electrical systems.

These additions from Davis Industries complement ERMCO’s service offerings and strengthen our ability to provide a complete, integrated solution for our clients’ electrical, power, communication and automation needs. And it will help our organization continue to grow in the electrical industry.

Upon joining ERMCO, the team from Davis Industries will continue to provide the highest quality service that their clients have enjoyed in the past and will maintain their strategic relationships, including those with LonMark, Honeywell, WebsAX, and Lynxspring with vendors who provide open and interoperable products.

ERMCO is excited about our new team members! They bring expertise in controls engineering, programming, installation, project management and servicing of control systems.


To discuss solutions for your automation, electrical or systems needs, contact:

David Peterson

Senior Vice President



Tom Davis

Business Development Manager, Automated Services


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