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It’s ERMCO’s 10th Anniversary as a Top Workplace! This year we are the #3 Large Company on IndyStar’s “Top Workplaces 2020” list. Each year we have been in the top ten of our category, twice in the #1 spot.

IndyStar survey coordinators noted that regardless of the size of the project they’re working on, ERMCO employees consistently feel that their efforts are recognized. And that being challenged as well as getting regular feedback and praise is standard operating procedure at ERMCO. Employees say they feel supported, but not micromanaged.

“It definitely made me feel appreciated to hear our small library building automation project highlighted at an all-employee meeting. This job was absolute peanuts when it comes to the dollars that ERMCO does on an annual basis,” Automation Engineer Glen Potts said. “And yet that job was specifically talked about in a staff meeting with the entire company.”

“It’s like you’re given a task, and you own it,” said Tunisha Hooten, Service Administrator.

“Everybody’s got their niche and they try to put you in a position to succeed” said Jake Van Wye, Field Manager.

Top Workplaces are chosen based on survey feedback from the company’s employees. This is what makes this recognition so meaningful for ERMCO. One of ERMCO’s company goals is to be an employer of choice, which can be challenging in the current market. We strive to meet that goal by creating a positive workplace that promotes teamwork and a family feel, by providing benefits that go above what our competition offers

and by offering purposeful work and meaningful career paths. In addition, ERMCO is now a 100% employee-owned company, further sealing its financial future for generations to come.

“ERMCO strives to empower employees, encourage collaboration and offer opportunities to come together as an ERMCO community. Being recognized as a Top Workplace means so much because it is based on employee feedback. Employees are letting us know we’re on the right track,” said ERMCO President and CEO, Greg Gossett. “Fostering a world-class organization and cultural growth is part of our strategic plan and something we are actively focused on. We will keep looking for ways to keep improving.”

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