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Le Pièce de Resistance: ERMCO’s Hand in the Replica Eiffel Tower

Over the years, ERMCO has had the privilege to work on some of the most iconic construction and technology projects in Indianapolis, from Monument Circle and the surrounding skyscrapers to Gainbridge Fieldhouse and Lucas Oil Stadium. We can now add the Eiffel Tower to that list.

The 2024 Olympic Swimming Trials is happening at Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium. And nearby Georgia Street has been transformed into a Paris boulevard, where fans can bask in the glory of the Summer Olympics while indulging in Parisian treats from local vendors. It wouldn’t be Paris without the Eiffel Tower. The Indiana Sports Corp and Latinas Welding Guild erected a 66-foot-tall Eiffel Tower as the focal point for the Georgia Street experience. Volunteers came together to construct the monument. ERMCO’s expertise in transforming sporting arenas and public spaces into immersive and tech-driven spaces was called upon for the lighting of the replica Eiffel Tower. Illumination of the monument was the pièce de resistance.

“I have worked on quite a few large projects during my time at ERMCO. I never thought I would be working on an Eiffel Tower project! This will be a fun one to add to the portfolio.” – Drew Pojar, ERMCO Preconstruction Manager 

Along with Dodd Technologies, an event production company, ERMCO had a month to plan, procure, and successfully execute the lighting of the replica Eiffel Tower.  ERMCO Preconstruction, Low Voltage Solutions, and Service team members started immediately on procuring the right equipment for the project. With the tower outdoors, it was pertinent to have weatherproof equipment. LIGHTSource was able to offer a sample spotlight, and with the help of the fixture manufacturer Hydrel, they were able to quickly locate three matching samples from across the United States to create a lightshow effect. ERMCO and Dodd Technologies also installed LED lighting on the entire tower. The LED brought an energy efficient component to the project, which was an added bonus for the many hours and days this was on display. A 66-foot-tall metal object jutting from Georgia Street, during a Midwest summer, brought the risk of lightning strikes. ERMCO was able to add grounding to mitigate the safety concerns.

Fast-track projects like this require intense collaboration among multiple parties and departments, but ERMCO prides itself on always being ready when it comes to delivering what our clients need. We have a team of relationship builders who also happen to be experts in electrical construction and low voltage systems.” – David Peterson, ERMCO President and CEO

If you haven’t pictured Chevy Chase plugging in the Christmas lights in front of his entire family to only be met with a huge fail, you may be a little behind on pop-culture references. Lucky for us, ERMCO’s experienced field team was not going to let that happen here. ERMCO’s Foremen Brad Baugh and Tyler Sturdevent were there to expertly complete the electrical installation. And Systems Foreman Richard Hawkins was on site for the low voltage cabling installation and testing required to ensure a smooth reveal.

This 2024 Olympic season will be one to remember for many Indy visitors and residents. Projects like this showcase the city’s love of sports and are what help bring events and people from around the world to our home. In fact, a record-breaking 20,689 fans attended the first night of the event, and another record breaking 22,209 fans the following night. As a leader in the industry for over 63 years, ERMCO is proud to have been a part of the Eiffel Tower construction and to have had a hand in a historic moment for Indianapolis.



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