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BIM Model and Design of Electrical Room

Early engagement allows us to bring our construction expertise to the design phase with an understanding of how design decisions impact construction.

Two electricians installing LED sports lighting

Using skilled union electricians and technicians, together with experienced project management staff, we consistently deliver high-quality construction projects across the nation for a variety of industries.

ERMCO Inc.'s Residential, Industrial and Commercial Service Van Fleet

Quality service coupled with an electrical preventative maintenance program reduces accidents, saves lives and minimizes costly break downs and unplanned shutdowns.

ERMCO, Inc.'s service offerings graphic for Electrical, Systems and Technology and Automation


ERMCO is your ONE CHAMPION for electrical, technology and low voltage system solutions, and building automation and controls. We're here for you through every phase of your project and throughout the life cycle of your building.

Low voltage systems cable in a telecom room
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A virtual model of an electrical closet created by our VDC department
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electrical icon
solar panels
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Building Automation Graphic User Interface
Audio Visual technology set-up in a client's conference room
An electrician in an arc flash suit working on medim voltage installation
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A lit up residential service home
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