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ERMCO was founded in 1962 with three employees as the Electrical Repair and Maintenance Company and has grown to be one of the top 50 electrical contractors in the country. From our start, ERMCO has invested in the technology, tools, and training that allow us to be fast, accurate, innovative, and that have made ERMCO an industry leader. 

Scroll through the timeline below to see some highlights from our 60 year history.

Established in 2012 as a part of our 50-Year Celebration, the ERMCO Hall of Fame recognizes company founders and those following them who have continued to build and nurture the culture that sets us apart.


For our 60th Anniversary, nine former ERMCO employees have been honored as the newest members. 

Hall of Fame Class of 2022


Class of 2022:

  • Dave Bracken

  • Donna Glass

  • Ron Jones

  • Evelyn Keller

  • Bruce Kuhn

  • Glenn Shoemaker

  • Wes Taylor

  • Matt Thrine

  • Bill Wadleigh

Read more details on our newest members here.

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