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ERMCO Institute Leadership Awareness Training Class

Another great ERMCO Institute Leadership Awareness Training Class has graduated. This was the eighth year for the flagship class of the ERMCO Institute. This year’s class graduated 24 team members, which included two construction electricians, five systems technicians, and 17 electricians. ERMCO Inc. has had over 175 leadership team members complete this training to date. We believe in the fulfillment of our team and leadership though training. Our vision is to make our team and company the best in our industry.

This flagship training is comprised of 11 training classes. These classes are made up of all key aspects of our departments, policies, and procedures required for our field leadership team to succeed. ERMCO Inc. has overhead staff, directors, and executive team members teach these classes.

After our curriculum has been completed, ERMCO Inc. puts on a graduation dinner and celebration. It is a nice dinner, comradery, and celebration of the future of our class members and company.

A special thank you to our Class of 2016: Clint Beck, Jonathan Birchler, Dennis Blessing, Eric Crone, Hezekiah Doty, Kyle Gill, Jeremy Glidden, Robert Gronde, Colin Gunn, Patrick Kippert, Brian Kiser, Linu Matthews, Drew McBain, Brandon McElroy, Cameron Merrill, Chris Rather, Tyler Roberts, Josh Rosebrock, Rickey Rush, Mike Saylor, Jonathan Stough, Daniel Strattman, Andrew Switzer, and John Waters.

It has been a pleasure to learn with you how to become the best team in our industry.

Bryan Christ

Electrical Operations Manager

Learn more about the ERMCO Institute Here

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